Protecting the Things That Matter Most

A full service, family owned and operated, pest control company established by Charles and Nancy Hopper in 1980. We have grown over the years and provide control of insect pests, rodents, and termites problems throughout the East Texas Area.

Hopper's Pest Control would like to reassure everyone that we are committed to providing full pest control services to our current and future customers, while at the same time taking every precaution to maintain the health and safety of our customer base. We are following every recommendation that has been handed down from the CDC. Hopper's Pest Control will continue to make service calls during this time, but will sanitize equipment daily and follow the recommended social distancing guidelines in our personal time, so that our customers are protected from exposure. For any questions, please call our office at

903-963-5000 or my cell at 903-368-2713

At Hopper's Pest Control we are determined to solve our customers pest, rodent and termite problems with exceptional service. We will provide these services at a price that is fair and agreeable to the customers we serve.

It's vital that you, your family, your home and/or business be protected from pests and the problems they create. At Hopper's Pest Control, we have been providing protection from these pests to home owners and businesses for 37 years.  We have the training and experience to identify the individual needs of a home or property. We know that pests come in many different varieties and they come at different times of the year.  By providing regular treatments, we are able to stop pests BEFORE they invade your home or business.